We are inviting some of the most interesting thought leaders and active community members to our events, as well as corporates and startups. Relive their talks and interviews here. 

Nicolas Hassbjer, Tequity - founder of HMS

Short interview about the importance of early Startup-Corporate collaboration.

Agneta Jacobsson - Author of the Swedish Report Innovation powered by Startup Collaboration

With a mission to help improve the collaboration between big corporates and startups, Agneta has looked deeply in to the subject and will share some of the key findings from their recently launched report study at the event. Based on in-depth interview with people from corporates, startups, investors, authorities and other stakeholders, the report analyzes the Swedish startup landscape and presents six alternative models for corporate-startup co-operation, sharing best practices from real-life case studies where this co-operation has been successful.

HMS - from Startup to Global Sucess 

During his 21 years as CEO, Nicolas successfully led the company from earliest startup to internationalization with very experienced industrialists as board members, advisors and mentors. The company had a long self-financed profitable growth followed by a phase with Venture Capital which after a trade sale process changed into Private Equity and then a successful IPO at NASDAQ-OMX in Stockholm.

Learnings from Silicon Valley

Johan is one of Europe’s most experienced venture capital investors. He has worked across a broad set of industries globally and built a number of successful businesses as an entrepreneur, and as Partner in leading venture capital firms. He has worked in large corporations and small start ups, seen failures and successes, has a vast global network in the VC ecosystem and has a true passion to build companies.

Johan will share his learnings from startup and Enterprise collaboration from Silicon Valley. 

Sandvik about why they are collaborating with startups

Interview with Tom Eriksson, PhD R&D Manager Sandvik.