Meet Cathrin, our New Community Manager

Cathrin Johansson is a true innovation ninja who will support startups in their journey to the commercialization of their innovative solutions.

Cathrin will be responsible for engaging more startups into our program and being the go-to person for these companies. 

“I will work proactively to grow the awareness of all the current and upcoming business opportunities for both startups and scaleups, as well as other for stakeholders such as business developers at incubators all around Sweden that work with early stage companies,” explains Cathrin.

She continues: “We see that the need for collaboration with startups with smart solutions is growing day-by-day. I will do my best to make sure that as many startups as possible are connected to Ignite so that we can continue to successfully orchestrate business and collaborations between startups, scaleups, corporates and the public sector.”

Cathrin strongly believes that clients are the key to startup survival. “No matter if your startup is looking for investments or organic growth, sooner or later having clients or ongoing collaborations with trustworthy partners will determine if your company will make-it or break-it.”

She admits that helping startups find and land their first clients is something that attracts her from her new position. “Anything that can move things forward in the right direction for startups makes me tick. Being a part of a movement that helps to facilitate business in such a straightforward way, together with amazing colleagues, feels great!”

Cathrin Johansson

Cathrin worked most recently at the multinational intellectual property consultancy firm AWA for several years, first as Head of Innovation and later as the Group’s Communications Manager. Prior to AWA, she served several roles working both directly with startups and scaleups, or indirectly with regional development, initiating all sorts of collaborations to push things forward.

“I am so impressed by Ignite’s results and success stories. These show how much value Ignite brings to the table when it comes to commercial collaborations between startups, corporates and the public sector. I really love the team spirit and everyone’s grit. Being surrounded by people with the same mission as myself is such a cool thing,” she concludes.

Welcome to Team Ignite, Cathrin!

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