Meet Jennifer Persson, our new Startup Scout

We continue to introduce the innovation ninjas that have recently joined our team to help us take Ignite Sweden to new heights. Jennifer Persson is our new Startup Scout and is responsible for finding the perfect match between organizations and startups.

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“I talk to corporates to understand them, their needs and priorities. Then I scout relevant startups and I support their meetings and collaborations,” explains Jennifer.

She continues: “The most exciting part of my work is all the inspiring and creative people I get in contact with, in the startups, in the corporates and also in Team Ignite. Everyone I meet wants to embrace innovation and opportunities and that is such a great energy to be a part of.” 

Jennifer says being a part of Team Ignite is empowering. “The energy, drive and love for startup collaboration are really palpable at Ignite. We really live our values and that makes me so proud to work at Ignite.”

Before she joined Ignite, Jennifer worked at SAS Airlines, where she was part of the innovation team. The team was responsible for testing and exploring emerging technologies, challenging and improving existing solutions, as well as inspiring collaborations involving innovations.

“I believe together we all have the means and the collective knowledge to solve many of the challenges we are facing as a society, but we need to be able to tap into that knowledge and find ways to apply it. At Ignite we are experts at finding ways to channel that knowledge into collaborations. This is essential to enable innovation and thus create a more sustainable and inclusive future,” says Jennifer.

Jennifer was part of the team behind the gigantic matchmaking session that took place at Sweden Innovation Days in November. 69 large companies and public sector organizations met 135 AI startups from 10 countries in no less than 435 tailored matchmaking meetings.

“It felt amazing to be part of bringing so many startups and corporates from all over the world together with the purpose of exploring innovation together. We live in a global world and we all need to work together to create a better future. Sweden Innovation Days was a great example of the endless possibilities that exist when we work together, across borders and when we allow ourselves to be open to innovation,” says Jennifer.

Last but absolutely not least, she shares some tips for startups that can help them be more visible when she is looking for the perfect match for a corporation: 

  • Make sure to sign up to our matchmaking platform Ignite Magic
  • Keep your profile updated!
  • Take extra care when writing your startup description as that is what the corporate will see about you

“Empty but beautiful phrases might get you initially noticed, but if neither the organizations nor I understand what you do based on your description, we might miss out on a great match. So keep your description on point,” she finishes.

Welcome to Team Ignite, Jennifer!

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