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About Ignite Sweden

Ignite Sweden is a non-profit initiative that aims to foster innovation and accelerate commercialization by connecting startups to large companies and public organizations.

Since it began in spring 2017, Ignite has connected 761 startups with 243 corporates, resulting in 4087‬‬ meetings and most importantly over 230 commercial collaborations.

Ignite Sweden is coordinated by SISP – Swedish Incubators & Science Parks, and was developed and established by the incubators Minc, LEAD, Sting, Things and Uminova Innovation. Kista Science City and Sahlgrenska Science Park have also recently joined as lead incubators. Ignite Sweden is co-funded by Vinnova – Sweden’s innovation agency and Energimyndigheten – the Swedish Energy Agency.

The Ignite Mission

Our core mission is to make it easier for Swedish startups to meet their first large customer and grow their business. There are a multitude of startups throughout Sweden (and the world) that can positively impact both the private and public sectors’ ability to innovate. Together they can solve many of today’s challenges faster and more cost effectively than if they attempted it alone. However it can often be difficult for them to connect with each other.

This is where Ignite Sweden comes in. We are a non-profit program that aims to establish tighter bonds between our vibrant startup scene, established companies and public organizations so that they can initiate commercial collaborations.

We do this by matching the right startup to the right organization based on a needs assessment of their specific challenges. We then facilitate their first meeting. Prior to this meeting, we provide support to ensure everyone gets the most of their initial meeting and increases their chances of establishing a successful business partnership.

The Ignite Team

Behind Ignite Sweden there is a group of innovation experts located throughout Sweden, from Malmö in the south to Umeå in the north. They are devoted to our cause and ensure startups get the support they need on their journey to commercialize their solutions.
Ignite Sweden Program Manager Stina Lantz

Stina Lantz

Program Manager

Cathrin Johansson

Community Manager (Startups)

Portrait Shara Fagerwall Tawfik

Shara Fägerwall Tawfik

Production Manager

Sasan Shaba

Sasan Shaba

Director International Cooperation

Filip Tideman

International Collaborations

Sara Hamlin portrait

Sara Hamlin

Head of Corporate Partnerships

Portrait Niklas Sikstrom

Niklas Sikström

Key Partner Manager (Corporates)

Linus Arnold

Innovation Process Leader

Portrait Magnus Bergendahl

Magnus Bergendahl

Innovation Process Leader (Head of Climate Smart City Ignite)

Portrait Mikaela Farnqvist

Mikaela Färnqvist

Project Manager Ignite Public, Kista Science City

Portrait Marit Finch Westin

Marit Finch-Westin

Key Partner Manager (Ignite Public)

Portrait Fredrik Blomquist

Fredrik Blomquist

Key Partner Manager (Ignite Public)

Portrait Michelle Andersson

Michelle Andersson

Tech Lead & Support

Portrait Maite Bellon

Maite Bellón

Communications Manager

Portrait Jamie Bowd

Jamie Bowd

Communications Manager, Sweden Innovation Days

Ebba Modin

Art Director

Portrait Maria Olofsson

Maria Olofsson

Process Developer (Incubators and Science Parks) at Ignite, Ignite North - Uminova Innovation

Björn Lindeberg

Ignite East Sweden, LEAD

Portrait Martina Hegestig

Martina Hegestig

Ignite East Sweden, LEAD

Portrait Karin Bengtsson

Karin Bengtsson

Ignite Stockholm, Kista Science City

Portrait Olof Berglund

Olof Berglund

Ignite Stockholm, Sting

Portrait Linda Krondahl

Linda Krondahl

Ignite Stockholm, THINGS

Portrait Karin Lintrup

Karin Lintrup

Ignite South, Minc

The Ignite Coaches

Portrait Christian Malmsten

Christian Malmsten

Head of Sales Coaching

Portrait Fredrik Billing

Fredrik Billing

Business Coach

Portrait Hannes Sjoblad

Hannes Sjöblad

Business Coach (Deeptech)

Portrait Karin Lintrup

Karin Lintrup

Business Coach (Sustainability)

Portrait Karl Eldebo

Karl Eldebo

Business Coach (Sales & Marketing)

Portrait Mattias Ripoll

Mattias Ripoll

Business Coach (Sales & Organization Building)

Portrait Mikael Klintberg

Mikael Klintberg

Business Coach (Industry)

Portrait Sandor Albrecht

Sandor Albrecht

Business Coach (Artificial Intelligence)

Portrait Stefan Jakelius

Stefan Jakelius

Business Coach (Cleantech)

The Ignite Lead Incubators & Science Parks

Our Lead Incubators and Science Parks play an important role in our mission to connect startups to private and public customers. Find out more about what they do.
Logo Kista Science City

Kista Science City is the leading ICT cluster in Europe. Home of our 5G and IoT technology testbed, it is home to world famous ICT companies such as Ericsson and IBM, exciting startups and the leading universities in Stockholm.

LEAD is the best business incubator in Sweden. Based in East Sweden since 2002, the incubator has worked with over 150 startups in Linköping and Norrköping over the years. Their alumni companies include Neo4j, Softube and Chargestorm.

Minc logo

Minc was set up by the City of Malmö in 2002. One of Scandinavia’s first startup incubator programs doesn’t just host an incubator, but also the award-winning accelerator Fast Track Malmö, and Startup Labs.

Logo Sahlgrenska

Sahlgrenska Science Park aims to strengthen the life science industry primarily in Western Sweden. Together with a large network within the business community and life science stakeholders, they offer expertise on a commercial basis.

Sting is the leading accelerator in the Nordics. Based in Stockholm since 2002. It has worked with over 300 startups including Yubico, Videoplaza, Volumental, Karma, Dreams and Sellpy in a range of industries.

Logo Things

THINGS is the industry-focused deeptech and innovation hub in Sweden, located at the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH). Their vision is to transform innovation in small companies into large scale value creation through collaboration with corporates.

Logo Uminova

Uminova Innovation is one of Sweden’s top business incubators and was selected for Vinnova’s Program of Excellence. Since it began in 2003, it has supported 150+ companies, and promotedNorthern Sweden as an ideal place for growth and development.

SISP is a nationwide non-profit association with 63 members. It is developing the world’s most efficient innovation ecosystem by connecting its members to Sweden’s leading universities, corporations, public organizations, customer and exit markets.

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