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Incubators and science parks have excellent methods and programs for business development for startups but sometimes they lack both time and resources to help companies find their dream customer and verify their innovation in a new market.

We can do this together! Ignite Sweden adds value to your current program offer by giving your startups and scaleups the chance to be matched with corporations and public organizations that are ready to start paid pilot projects with them. No less than 610 commercial collaborations have been initiated at some of the over 7000 matchmaking meetings that we have curated since 2017.

Ignite Sweden is part of the Swedish Incubators & Science Parks and it’s available for all of its members. Our program has been developed and established by the incubators and science parks Kista Science City, LEAD, Minc, Sahlgrenska Science Park, Sting, Things and Uminova Innovation.
Blekinge Business Incubator, Chalmers Ventures, Create Business Incubator, Dalarna Science Park, Founders Loft, Företagsfabriken, GU Ventures, HETCH, Hi5h Five, Ideon Innovation, Innovatum, Jönköping Science Park, Kalmar Science City, Linköping Science Park, Movexum, Peak Innovation and Uppsala Innovation Centre have recently joined our initiative as partners. 

Add value to your incubation offer

  • Give your startups access to a network of national and international potential customers.
  • Make it easier for your companies to find new markets and meaningful collaborations.
  • Help your portfolio companies scale and grow their business.
  • Increase the chances of their solutions and technologies coming to market.
"Ignite has opened up great possibilities for our startups to do pilots but also real business deals. In some cases, startups have received their first deal with an unexpected corporate!”
Portrait Olof Berglund
Olof Berglund

This is what your startups can get

  • Matchmaking meetings with potential B2B customers
  • Sales prep before the meetings
  • Feedback on their performance
  • Sales coaching to increase the chances to close a pilot
  • Legal templates for NDA, POC, License Agreement, etc
  • Legal support with experts

How to participate

From encouraging your startups to sign up to becoming an ambassador or a partner of our initiative, this is how your incubator or science park can get involved in Ignite.

Get involved together with your startups

Ignite’s main goal is to bring startups closer to potential B2B customers. Through the Ignite Matchmaking Program, your companies get the chance to meet corporates and public sector organizations. The program is designed so that you can also take an active role in their journey.

The Ignite Matchmaking Program has been designed in three steps to cover the whole matchmaking journey, from the preparation for the meeting to providing startups the right tools to get ahead in their pilot projects.

Startups get:

  • 20-minute tailored matchmaking meetings with potential customers
  • A one-hour session on how to best prepare for the matchmaking meetings
  • Sales resources for the meeting preparation
  • A 2-hour post-meeting crash course on how to succeed in closing the deal for a pilot project
  • Legal resources including templates for agreements for PoC, product patent, software license and NDA

Advantages for incubators and science parks:

  • Receive information about our upcoming matchmaking sessions
  • Get invaluable insights on your startups’ collaboration journeys
  • Be notified every time a startup receives a match
  • Follow your startups’ meeting process
  • Participate in their meetings and give them feedback afterwards

Become an Ignite Partner

Become part of the Ignite family as one of the incubators and science parks that lead our program. As an Ignite Partner you will not only engage startups in your region but also your local corporations and public sector organizations into collaborating with startups.

Ignite Partners are “certified igniters” who drive our method to match startups with corporates and public organizations locally.

By becoming an “igniter” you will add value to your current partners’ offer as well as you have a concrete way to actively engage your regional business community to work together with startups.

You will be trained to:

  • engage established companies, municipalities and public organizations in your region
  • conduct needs assessment workshops to identify their innovation challenges
  • scout startups with solutions to tackle those challenges and support them in the selections
  • give support during the journey to successful pilot collaborations
  • plan and host Ignite matchmaking events

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