Ignite Startup Membership

Ignite Sweden is a national program aiming to increase the number of commercial and innovative cooperations between startups, enterprises and the public sector.

To achieve this goal, we serve as key account managers, dedicating our time to finding the right people with the right mandates and a genuine interest in startup collaboration within corporates or public sector organizations both in Sweden and abroad.
When we find a match for your startup, it results from an in-depth needs assessment with the corporate or public sector organization. This ensures that when we facilitate a matchmaking meeting with a potential customer, you can be confident that the meeting will be highly relevant. Six out of ten meetings facilitated by Ignite Sweden lead to future discussions.

Services offered by Ignite Sweden to startups

  • Matchmaking with potential customers
  • Sales and marketing training
  • Legal support
  • Negotiation support
  • Startup-friendly legal templates for NDA, PoC, etc.
  • Startup profile and access to our platform Ignite Magic

Funded by Vinnova

We are partially funded by Vinnova to assist you in finding potential corporate and public sector customer. This funding, referred to as 'verifieringsmedel' in Swedish, is specifically allocated for our work with startups. As a result, Ignite Sweden's services are provided to you free of charge, as Vinnova covers the costs for our services.

To be granted this funding for your participation in Ignite, you should be either:

A: A startup registered in Sweden with a scalable solution, that has been established for less than 5 years and has not received public funding exceeding €400,000 during the last three years.
B: An SME registered in Sweden with an innovative solution and that has not received public funding exceeding €200,000 during the last three years.

Unfortunately, neither listed companies nor startups owned by larger companies with more than 25% ownership are eligible for funding.

In order for us to receive funding from Vinnova to cover the costs of matchmaking meetings, workshops, masterclasses, and other activities, we need you to fill out a digital PDF form via SCRIVE. You will receive an email with this information as soon as you have a confirmed meeting with a potential customer or you have completed your participation in any of our workshops or startup activities. This process only needs to be completed once per year.

These are the fees that will Vinnova will pay us for your startup participation:

  • National matchmaking events: 17 000 SEK *
  • International matchmaking events: 20 000 SEK *
  • Sales Excellence workshop: 6250 SEK
  • Designing the Deal workshop: 6250 SEK
  • Marketing Content Excellence: 6250 SEK
  • Megadeals’s  Designing the Go-to-Market Deal workshop: 7500 SEK
  • Legal support workshop: 3000 SEK **

* The fee includes the Sales Boost session prior to the event, as well as the Pilot Fast Track Hack masterclass
** The additional fee for legal support will be evaluated on a case by case basis

Questions? Please contact us at 
support@ignitesweden.org prior to your participation. 


Exemption for startups participating in the national Incubator program

If your startup is currently participating in one of the incubators part of Vinnova’s national incubator program Excellence, your incubator will pay the fee for Ignite Sweden’s services instead. This is because they have the same type of funding from Vinnova as Ignite Sweden, called ‘verifieringsmedel’ in Swedish. Please share this information with your incubator if it is your case.

These are the incubators currently part of Vinnova’s national incubator program Excellence:

Arctic Business Incubator
Blekinge Business Incubator
Chalmers Ventures
Create Business Incubator
Dalarna Science Park
DigitalWell GovTech Incubator
Founders Loft
GU Ventures
Handels SSE
Ideon Innovation
Inkubatorn i Borås
Inkubera i Örebro
Innovatum Inkubator
Kalmar Science Park
Karolinska Institutet Innovations
Krinova Incubator & Science Park
Sahlgrenska Science Park
Science Park Gotland
Science Park Jönköping
Science Park Skövde
Smile Incubator
Umeå Biotech Incubator
Uminova Innovation
Uppsala Innovation Centre