Is your startup ready for deployment or for a pilot project in a live customer's environment? Or are you seeking customers to validate your concept or product? We will get back to you when we have found a matching corporate. 

2018 so far: 221 tailored meetings; new business opportunities. Are you up next? We have eight more Ignite matchmaking opportunities coming up. Apply now. 

Q&A Startups

What’s in it for us?

By joining, you will have a chance to meet established companies and offer them your product/service to help solve their challenges. The first step is to match your startup with the needs of the established companies that have joined the project. If there is a match, this is the opportunity for you to establish a collaboration with one or more potential future customers. 

What industries are relevant? 

We are calling for startups mainly with a B2B focus but it can also be B2C. We are inviting established companies from various verticals to take part in the project. 



What phase should my startup be in? 

Your startup should be looking for one of the following: 

  • A potential customer who can verify your business idea - proof of concept. 
  • Help with verifying your final product requirements by a potential customer  
  • Pilot testing your solution or product in a customer's environment. 

Calendar wise, when will the activities take place? 

It depends on when we will find a matching established company for your startup. The project will run until December 2017 and the activities involved will take place during spring and early fall.


Startup Stories


– Som startup är det kritiskt att få första kundrelation snabbt. Det ger oss möjlighet att validera både affärsmodell och teknologi i skarpt läge. Vi hade våra första möten genom Ignite under våren, och redan till sommaren hade vi två pilotprojekt igång med multinationella storbolag. Ignite är den pusselbit som fattats i det svenska innovationssystemet. 

Jon Linden, CEO Ekkono Solutions

Matched Startups 2017