Impact Startup of the Week: Stockfiller

This week’s startup is making it simpler for businesses and the public sector to order local, organic supplies.

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Purchasing local, organic food has many benefits, it’s better for the environment and health as it spends less time in transit and is fresher when it arrives. However many businesses have difficulty sourcing from smaller local suppliers and instead often rely on larger chains that are not as local. 

Stockfiller uses their software platform to simplify the ordering process between suppliers and buyers and allows smaller businesses to access new markets such as municipalities. 

For Södertälje municipality, who met Stockfiller through the Ignite Public program, this meant they could buy more locally and organically. According to Lukas Jaktman, Sales Team Leader from Stockfiller this created a ‘win-win’ situation. 

“This is beneficial for the children eating the food, it’s better for the purchaser and it’s better for the small supplier who may not have been able to sell to the public sector otherwise. What I’m most proud of is that we help both small, local suppliers and schools also get better organic food that is grown in their local area,” says Lukas. 

Stockfiller’s work contributes directly to Sustainable Development Goal 12- responsible consumption & production.

Watch Lukas speak more about Stockfiller’s work here:

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