Impact Startup of the Week: Attractive Interactive

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This year’s final impact startup used their gaming development and machine learning skills to change industry and improve aircraft safety.  

Attractive Interactive is a gamification company that primarily focuses on game development with the goal of making game creation more accessible to everyone. Their current game encourages children to draw their own maps to create their own levels or mazes. 

In 2019, the startup had a major change in direction when they were matched with SAAB at Ignite Gaming. They were asked to help them better analyse their sensor data to then amplify important information to assist pilots’ land in bad weather conditions. 

Soon after, they also applied their knowledge of AI, machine learning and optimization to prevent overheating parts of the plane, again improving safety.   

COO and Co-founder of Attractive Interactive, Pontus Björkberg says it was interesting to expand their thinking about technology they had previously only applied to gaming development. 

“Ignite set us a challenge asking if we could solve a problem. We got instantly hooked and felt we just had to do this. It was exciting to apply our knowledge regarding gaming development on brand new issues.”

Watch Pontus speak more about their work here: 

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