Meet Shara, Our New Production Manager!

Introducing our newest innovation ninja, Shara Fägerwall Tawfik! As our Production Manager she will ensure Ignite has all the right internal resources to deliver the best events and services for startups, corporates and public organizations.

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“The main goal of my role is to have an overview of all our projects and look at how we can work the most effectively. As the Ignite team is based in different cities, it is important that the internal processes work, because if we get confused, our customers will also be confused.”

Shara continues “I’m a very typical project manager, I really enjoy planning and seeing things sorted out. I can see that with just a few small changes, we can do great things and I look forward to finding these little things that will make the biggest difference!”

It is also important for Shara to feel she is doing something positive for society through her work. “It’s very rewarding to do something that you can see makes a difference and there is a lot of good coming out of these collaborations that Ignite helps facilitate.”

Before coming to Ignite, Shara worked as a project manager and content producer at Svenska Mässan and prior to that, Stockholmsmässan. There she focused primarily on industry fairs. 

“What I like about fairs is it’s building a place for people to meet and that’s why it was so natural to go on to Ignite. There’s something special about arranging for people to meet and sharing their knowledge between different organizations and sectors.”

However it was a lack of fairs due to covid-19, that led to Shara joining Ignite to help organize last year’s Sweden Innovation Days. 

“I can actually say it was the most special event I have ever made and I’ve organized events with 30,000 people. We had so little time and we weren’t even in the same place, but it came together so well! It says so much about the team and the partners that everyone just chipped in and got it done.”

She adds that this positive attitude is a huge asset for Ignite. “I really love the team spirit we have. There is so much determination and a mentality of ‘we are going to do this and we are going to do it together’ that makes it a very cool company to work for.” 

Welcome to Team Ignite Shara!

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