Customer first, technology second!

Our CX expert Veronika Luxemburg shares her best tips on how to improve your customer experience.

Delivering great customer experiences leads to an increase in company revenue and reduces costs, according to researchers. But how can startups put customers at the heart of everything their organisation does in a practical way? 

These are 6 key takeaways that our CX expert Veronika Luxemburg shared during the Introduction to Customer Experience session that we held last Monday.

1. Customer first, technology second! What does your customer actually need and want? Start with the customer experience and find a way for your technology to enhance that! It’s not just digital! It’s about connecting with your customers/users/patients and that includes creating processes and connections beyond the digital.

2. Great experiences don’t happen by chance. Find the win-win solution for both them and your business. Companies are often too focused on the business needs but what do your customers need? Are you providing that?

3. Customer Experience = (Perception – Expectation) x Emotion. Perception and Expectation should be balanced. Transparency builds trust, if something isn’t quite perfect yet admit that. Not meeting expectations is more damaging than honesty and low expectations can stop people from coming to you in the first place.

Veronika Luxemburg is a CX certified expert. Her clients include ABB, Alfa Laval and BP.

4. Tap into your customers’ emotions but don’t forget their logical side. Emotion helps them remember the experience and influences their actions. But if this is done in a fake or dishonest way, people will see through it.

5. Being the cheapest will not ensure loyalty. 86% of people are willing to pay more for a better experience.

6. Understand your customer- what’s their journey? Dig deep into their motivations, purpose and needs. Create a persona and send them on a journey through your company. Doing this and understanding a customer’s journey can provide insights into how to improve their experience and get them recommending you to others.

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