European AI Startup Matchday

Date: June 13, 2024
Location: Malmö, Sweden

The third edition of the European AI Startup Matchday will connect leading corporates from Sweden, Germany, and France with meet innovative startups featured on the European AI Startup Landscape.

The event will take place in Malmö on June 13, and the program will include a matchmaking session between AI startups and corporates, workshops to share knowledge, and networking opportunities to connect with other participants.

The following corporates have confirmed their participation in the event: A2A, Alfa Laval, Bouygues Construction, Bouygues Telecom, Deutsche Telekom, E.ON, Fojab, IBM Systems, ISS World Services, Mölnlycke Health Care, Pernod Ricard, Saint-Gobain, Sandvik, Securitas, Södra, Toyota Material Handling Europe, and Vattenfall. Find out the solutions and technologies they are looking for at this matchmaking session below.

This event is arranged by Ignite Sweden, AI Sweden, appliedAI, Hub France IA, and Minc, and funded by Vinnova – Sweden’s Innovation Agency as part of the Swedish, French & German Innovation Initiative.

Please note this matchmaking session is only open for startups featured on the European AI Landscape. Learn more about the European AI Landscape here

Applications for corporates and public organizations close on March 28.
Applications for startups close on April 2.

The participant organizations are looking for innovative solutions within these areas:

3D Models Generation from Text, Image, or Sketch
AI-Driven Real-Time Climate Impact Feedback in Design Processes
Innovative Image Generation Solutions
Knowledge Transferring for Projects

Customer & Call Center Support for Sentiment Analysis, Trend Identification & Commercial Opportunities
Generative AI Plug-and-Play Solutions for Customer & Proprietary Data
Increasing Cost Efficiency of Cross Sales
Knowledge Management for Advanced Document Storage and Search Systems with Focus on Accessible User Experience
Marketing Tools for Campaign Quality and ROI Analysis
Service Chatbot

AI Governance & Traceability
Battery Status Analysis for Second Life Battery Reuse
Linking, Optimizing & Trading Electricity from Renewable Energies
Photovoltaic Panel End-of-Life Analysis for Optimal Recovery & Recycling Stream
Predictive Maintenance of Electricity Distribution Network Assets
Predictive Maintenance of Hydroelectric Plant Assets
Smart & Flexible Energy Distribution Grids
Tailored Sustainability Advice at Scale with Focus on Energy

Customer Experience Enhancement
Enhanced Service Delivery & Workplace Experience
Next-Generation Building Management System Technologies
Occupancy Management and Energy Optimization Solutions for Efficient and Sustainable Space Utilization
Sustainable Service Delivery Optimization

Automation of Financial Processes
Budget Forecasting

Forestry Optimization
Maintenance Monitoring
Staff Security

Customized Home Appliance Products with User Preference Adaptation
Situational Adaptive & Aware Products with Sensor and AI Integration
Smart Home Automation
Energy efficiency in consumer electronics
User Behavior Pattern Analysis
Platform Development with Generative AI

Automation of HR Screening Process
Collaboration and Efficiency Enhancement Tools for Frontline and Office Workers
Health and Safety Risk Management Technologies
Recruiting Support Systems for CV Screening & Candidate Experience Enhancement
Staffing Needs Forecasting
Worker Monitoring and Efficiency Enhancement
Workflow Optimization and Productivity Enhancement Solutions

Big Data Analytics for Production Failure Analysis
Inventory Management
Market Price Prediction for Raw Materials
Non-Destructive Testing Solutions
Predictive Maintenance
Production Monitoring Solutions
Real-Time & Automatic Manufacturing Control
Technical Documentation

Knowledge Management for Patient Treatment & Care
Material Exploration & Discovery Tools for Medtech Applications
Monitoring, Analyzing & Change Prediction in Biological Events Related to Wound Healing
Patient Mode and Mind State Tracking
Vision-Based 3D Reconstruction Tools

Intelligent Monitoring Systems using Camera, Audio & Sensors
Intelligence & Risk Management Systems for Event Aggregation & Threat Assessment
Smart Guarding Solutions with Technology Emancipation

AI-Enhanced Leasing Stock Optimization
Efficient Goods Delivery Solutions
Maintenance Forecasting for Trucks, Stock Management, and Route Optimization

Data Consolidation Solutions
Enhanced Sorting Systems in Recycling Plants
Predictive Maintenance of the Water Distribution Network
Recognition & Classification of PC Motherboards
Smart Charging Management Solutions for E-Mobility
Ticketing System Support for Back Office Operations

Important information for startups

It is important that you indicate which of the challenges you target when you apply to this matchmaking session. The list will be available a week before applications for startups close. Please note that we cannot guarantee that you will get any matches at this event.
Your participation in the matchmaking is made possible by the funding we receive from Vinnova (referred to as “verifieringsmedel” in Swedish) to support the commercialization of your innovation. Upon receiving confirmation that your startup has been matched with a corporate or public organization, our team will reach out to you with detailed instructions on the next steps. Please note that startups established outside Sweden are exempt from this process.
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How to join this event

Don’t forget to navigate to “Events” and apply to join this event once you have completed your company’s profile, otherwise we won’t get your application.

Please note that our matchmaking meetings are carefully curated based on a potential business opportunity. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that there will be any matches for your startup or how many meetings each startup will get.

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