Ignite Members Matchmaking 2024 – Session 1

Date: February 21, 2024
Location: Online on Zoom

Last days to apply for the first online member-only matchmaking event of the year on February 21, where Ignite Corporate & Public members are matched with top-notch startups with novel solutions for their innovation challenges.

These organizations have confirmed their participation in the event: A2A, Boliden, CMPC, Destination Uppsala, Deutsche Telekom, Domstolsverket, EnBW, E.ON, Folksam, Kavli, Liebherr, L’Oréal, LVMH, Manpower, Mölnlycke Health Care, Stockholm Exergi, Södra, Toyota Material Handling Europe, WEG and Vattenfall.

Check below the full list of solutions and technology the participating organizations are looking for!

Applications for corporates and public organizations close on January 17
Applications for startups close on January 24

The participant organizations are looking for innovative solutions within these areas:

Integrated Building Redevelopment Innovations
Management Solutions for Third-Party Companies
Predictive Maintenance Solutions for Road Infrastructure
Remote Control & Integration of Heat Pumps for Optimized Building Heating
Road Construction Quality Monitoring
Value Creation in Building Connectivity Utilizing Sensor Data and Active Control Units

Advanced Skincare & Anti-Aging Technologies
Advanced Skin Diagnostic & Personalization Technologies
AI for Biological Discovery of Actives, Pathways and/or Characterization
Eco-Friendly Material Innovations
Innovations for the Microbiome of the Skin (e.g., Diagnostic Tools & Advanced Sequencing Technologies)
Novel Molecules Based on Green Chemicals & Bioprocesses for Consumer Goods

Innovative Battery Technologies for Electric Trucks
Integrated EV Charging Infrastructure Management & Energy Source Integration
Local EV Charging Network Expansion Solutions

Aggregation & Optimization of Energy Assets
Battery Energy Storage System Optimization
Decentralized Electricity Solutions
District Heating Emission Reduction, Optimization & Network Management
Drought and Extreme Event Solutions for the Hydroelectric & Thermoelectric Sectors
Integrated Energy Ecosystem
Low CAPEX Solutions for Agrivoltaic Applications
Optimized Energy Management for Logistics

Climate Impact Reduction Technologies for Warehouse & Mining Operations
Eco-Friendly Packaging Strategies for Waste Reduction and Recycling Enhancement
Lithium Batteries Collection, Treatment & Raw Material Recovery
Sustainable Agriculture Technologies & Methods
Urban Sustainability & Environmental Impact Reduction

Food Loss Innovations in Food Production
Innovative Food Packaging Solutions to Reduce Environmental Impact from Plastic (Biodegradability, Recyclability & Reusability)
Plant-Based Food Innovations (Colonial & Cooled)
Reduction of Electricity and Water Consumption in Food Production

Automated Allocation Optimization for Simultaneous Wildfires
Business Models for Life Enrichment in the Forest Farm
Forest Fire Simulation and Prediction Technologies
Innovative Circular Ash Waste-to-Resource Solutions within Forestry
Smart Forest Management

Digital Twin Simulation
Generative AI for Medical Records
Innovations for Pain Management
Risk Assessment & Predictive Diagnosis in Healthcare and at Home

Appliances’ Circularity Enhancement
Digital Technologies for Enhancing Wine Experiences, Cooking Skills, and Nutritional Choices
Ecological Materials
Energy Efficiency Improvement
Lifespan Expansion Through Repairability
Novel Techniques & Technologies for Optimizing Food Storage
Predictive Maintenance for Fault Detection
Smart Solutions e.g. Adaptive Cooling, Intelligent Control, or Smart Home Integration
Tools for Big Data Analysis

Demand & Workload Adaptation Solutions for Workforce Optimization
Employee Engagement Solutions Connected to Sustainability and Wellbeing
Employee Health & Safety Enhancement Within Production Facilities
Multi-Channel Contact Classification & Support Solutions for Operational Teams
Warehouse Personnel Recruitment & Retention
Other innovative solutions within HR

Advanced Solutions for Store and Warehouse Tracking
Automation and Robotics in Goods Picking
Computer Vision Innovations for e.g. Security Goods & Localization
Data-Driven Operations Technologies for Heavy Industry, e.g., New Datasets Generation, Smart Cameras, Sensor Fusion, and Enhanced Connectivity
Digital Twin Technology or Software for Production Flow Optimization
Energy and Water Consumption Monitoring & Reduction in Industrial Plants
Operational Parameters Measurement Technologies for Heavy Industry, e.g., Chemical Concentration, Vibration, Temperature, pH & Material Characteristics
Predictive & Optimization Solutions for Warehouse Operations

AI Solutions within Natural Language Processing (NLP) & Big Data Analysis
Educational Solutions for Accelerated Microlearning

AI-Driven Solutions for Enhanced Corporate & Customer Services
Connectivity & Network Solutions for Improving User Experience
Disruptive Technologies for Home Experience & Entertainment

Automated Database & Online Sources Search Tools
Littering Prevention for Event Attendees, from Behavior Change to Waste Management Infrastructure

Evolving Water Supply Challenges
Repair Procedure Optimization for Water Systems
Remote Inspection & Safety for Hazardous Environments in Water Systems
Water Infrastructure Assessment & Leak Detection

Important information for startups

It is important that you indicate which of the challenges you target when you apply to this matchmaking session. Please note that we cannot guarantee that you will get any matches at this event. This event is exclusive for startups established in Sweden.
Your participation in the matchmaking is made possible by the funding we receive from Vinnova (referred to as “verifieringsmedel” in Swedish) to support the commercialization of your innovation. The funding will be 17,000 SEK per participating company.
Click here to read more about this funding

How to join this event

Don’t forget to navigate to “Events” and apply to join this event once you have completed your company’s profile, otherwise we won’t get your application.

Please note that our matchmaking meetings are carefully curated based on a potential business opportunity. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that there will be any matches for your startup or how many meetings each startup will get.

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