Protecting Your Rights When Dealing with Counterparties

Date: November 6, 2023
Location: Online

Ignite Sweden has partnered with Synch Advokat to offer legal support for startups and scaleups embarking on their collaboration journeys. Join us at this webinar and receive tips and tricks on navigating the legal aspects of collaborating with larger companies and public entities.

Kick off Session

Join us on November 6 at 14:00 for a one-hour kickoff session where Synch’s expert, Johan Ragnar, will provide tips and tricks for startups and scaleups on effectively protecting and positioning themselves in collaborations with larger companies and the public sector.
Johan will introduce you to useful legal template agreements for future collaborations and engage in an interactive Q&A session during the second half of the event, where he will address your legal queries.
This session is free of charge and open to all startups and scaleups.

1:1 Legal Advice Meetings

The program continues with one-on-one legal advice meetings where 12 startups will have the chance to meet lawyers from Synch for 50 minutes. This presents an excellent opportunity to receive guidance on topics such as intellectual property rights (IPR), agreements, collaboration issues, and more.
These meetings will be conducted digitally on November 9, 10, 13, and 16. Details on how to book these meetings will be provided to the startups that have registered their interest after the kickoff session.

Please note that we cannot offer these meetings to startups currently participating in an incubator program.

Extended Advice

If you have a more complex legal issue, Synch will offer recommendations on the required steps to resolve it, including an estimated cost and timeframe. It will be the startups’ decision whether to proceed with Synch’s assistance. If you choose to do so, the startup will be responsible for the associated service fees. Synch will provide more information about this process after the meetings.

How to join this event

Don’t forget to navigate to “Events” and apply to join this event once you have completed your company’s profile, otherwise we won’t get your application.

Please note that our matchmaking meetings are carefully curated based on a potential business opportunity. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that there will be any matches for your startup or how many meetings each startup will get.

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