Founders Session with Cellfion

Learn more about Cellfion, the first company working towards the commercialization of biobased membranes with no toxic substances, through their CEO and co-founder, Liam Hardey.

At the global conference Sweden Innovation Days 2023, Ignite Sweden organized two Founder Sessions to showcase the inspiring stories of Swedish impact startups that are working towards solving our society’s most significant challenges. These fireside chats were moderated by Ignite Sweden’s Process Developer, Maria Olofsson.

The first of this series of interviews features Cellfion’s CEO and co-founder Liam Hardey, as he shares his entrepreneurial journey.

LEAD incubator startup Cellfion is the first company to commercialize biobased membranes that contain no toxic substances, such as PFAS. Their innovation has the potential to increase the overall efficiency of energy storage and conversion technologies when scaled up, making them accessible to all and facilitating the green energy transition.

The deeptech startup is a spin-off from Linköping University and the Royal Institute of Technology. The idea behind their innovation can be traced back to research that began in 2005. They began researching the technology’s market potential three years ago, and in 2021 they founded the company to focus on it. The company has grown to seven employees and is looking to expand further.

Cellfion is one of the 420 environmental startups and scaleups featured on the Swedish Climate Startup Map.

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