Founders Session with CommuteSaver

Meet CommuteSaver’s CEO, Martin Walian, as he shares his journey developing a new solution to track and reduce CO2 emissions caused by commuting.

During the global conference Sweden Innovation Days, Ignite Sweden hosted a series of Founder Sessions. These fireside chats were moderated by our Process Developer, Maria Olofsson, and focused on presenting inspiring stories about impact startups with innovative solutions that address sustainable societal challenges.

At the last interview in this series, CEO Martin Walian of CommuteSaver shares his entrepreneurial journey.

CommuteSaver offers a completely digital solution, including an automated CO2 tracking app designed for employee commuting. Using AI, the mobile app detects the user’s mode of transportation (such as bicycle, public transport, car, etc.), tracks the associated CO2 emissions, and reports this data to the company, alongside recommendations for reducing emissions. In addition to this, the app includes features such as scoreboards, achievements, and other incentives aimed at encouraging employees to reduce their carbon footprint.

During the session, you can also learn more about their collaboration with Microsoft, which they met last year through our initiative.

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