From footprint to handprint

Dennis Pamlin (RISE) & Sasan Shaba (Energimyndigheten) highlight the importance of measuring green revenues in this presentation at Ignite Sweden Day 2019.

Sasan Shaba (Energimyndigheten) & Dennis Pamlin (RISE) at Ignite Sweden Day 2019.

In this presentation from Ignite Sweden Day 2019 called “Avoided emission framework, measure the future”, Dennis Pamlin from RISE says that it is crucial to stop focusing on how to reduce the emission problem and instead focus on the solutions to avoid it.

– We need to think disruptive and move from footprint to handprint. Environment has been all about guilt and what we have done. We need to shift that and ask ourselves: What am I giving to society? What future are we creating?”, explained Dennis, who represents the global initiative Mission Innovation (MI).

He also highlights the importance of measuring green revenues and change the perspective from how a company produces things to the impact of what it sells in society

– This framework is basically to measure the impact of these startups and scaleups from Sweden and the world. We can see it as a return of an investment for an investor but instead is a return on impact for our Earth”, says Sasan Shaba from the Swedish Energy Agency (Energimyndigheten), which has in its portfolio over 1 gigaton of Climate Innovations from Sweden.

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