Impact Startup of the Week: Ekkono Solutions

This week’s startup is using machine learning technology to service machines at the perfect time, reducing wastage and improving efficiency.

Anders Alneng VP of Sales and Co-founder of Ekkono Solutions

Heat exchangers are integral to many industries but are prone to ‘fouling.’ This occurs when dirt on the heat plates causes extra resistance and reduces efficiency. Studies* have shown that fouling can contribute up to 2.5% of global carbon emissions, a huge sustainability challenge! 

Things member Ekkono have teamed up with Alfa Laval to work towards a sustainable solution. They are using a combination of data from heat and pressure sensors together with Ekkono’s machine learning tool to reduce the effects of fouling. 

“We can make a heat exchanger smarter and learn when the fouling has occurred. This gives us knowledge about predicted maintenance, so you know when the machine needs servicing,” says VP of Sales and Co-founder Anders Alneng. 

Servicing the product at the right time reduces the impact of fouling and reduces waste and cost by replacing parts at the right time. 

Through this and other projects Ekkono directly contributes to SDGs 9 (sustainable industry) and 12 (sustainable consumption and production).

Watch this interview with Anders Alneng.

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