Impact Startup of the Week: Gemit

This week’s impact startup is increasing the usability of data to address various global needs including industry efficiency and water quality.

Jonas Bäckman, CEO and Founder of Gemit Solutions, at Ignite Sweden Day 2019.

Today many organisations suffer from having a lot of data available to them but lack the resources to properly interpret it. Gemit Solutions describes this as having DRIP or being “Data Rich but Information Poor.”

They aimed to create a solution that didn’t require a data scientist to find the most important information. The platform allows organisations to get useful data sets quickly.

Jonas Bäckman, CEO and Founder of Gemit Solutions says they want to use their product for good. 

“By making it possible to easily analyze industrial data, our customers can reduce their energy consumption and natural resources. These are prerequisites for moving towards a circular economy, which is a requirement for our children to have a future.”

Gemit contributes towards Sustainable Development Goals 9 (Industry, Innovation & Infrastructure), 11 (Sustainable Cities & Communities), and 12 (Responsible Consuption and Production). 

Listen to Jonas talk about Gemit and their experience with Ignite Sweden here.

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