Meet Ignite Sweden Summit’s Host

Maria Olofsson, Operation Manager at Uminova Innovation and Process Developer for Incubators and Science Parks at Ignite Sweden, will moderate the annual conference for the fourth time.

Ignite Sweden Summit is around the corner. In Stockholm on November 27, over 300 innovation enthusiasts will attend our annual meet-up to learn from the best collaboration practices creating real impact.

“Attendees can expect a conference with a lot of action. We aim to inspire them with real stories of successful collaborations that have made a difference. Our hope is that they find inspiration in what has already been done, learn from these experiences, maybe ‘steal’ some ideas to adopt in their collaborations, and get to know a lot of people that are action-oriented from the innovation ecosystem,” says Maria.

The program for the sixth edition of Ignite Sweden Summit will include workshops, collaboration stories, fireside chats, panel discussions, Ignite Awards celebrations, networking opportunities and more.

“This is a unique conference where we bring together the entire innovation ecosystem. We will begin with a story from a collaboration that was initiated at last year’s conference, with the hope that we can achieve even more this year,” she anticipates.

Impact in Action

This year’s Ignite Sweden Summit will focus on how the entire innovation ecosystem can come together to create real impact.

“We cannot build a startup in silos if we want our innovative startups to make a lasting impact for the future. For that, we really need to come together. They need their first customer, whether it’s a corporation or a public sector organization. They also need investors, expertise, and team members. We have a lot of fantastic incubators in different cities across Sweden that can support them in their business development. We must join forces so that these startups can scale up their innovations. This is why I get up in the morning, to work with impact and to take real action.”

Maria hopes that participants to the conference, whether they represent a startup, a corporation, a public sector organization, or an investor, will gain valuable insights into existing collaborations. She aims for them to recognize opportunities to join forces, contributing to ongoing initiatives or initiating new ones, thereby creating a meaningful impact.

“You will learn from processes and methods. Additionally, you’ll gain insights into new innovations from startups and existing techniques. Being brave and taking action is essential. Look around to see what’s already happening before trying to reinvent the wheel. So, before innovating in-house, open your eyes a little bit more,” she says.

Inspired by the Stories on Stage and the Energy of the Audience

This is the fourth time Maria will moderate the Ignite Sweden Summit. As the event’s host, Maria aims to inspire and create energy among the people attending the conference.

“I love the energy of the audience because the people at the Summit are genuinely engaged. They want to take action and make a difference. So, hopefully, we can create even more. I also love hearing the stories and seeing the glitter in the air and in the eyes of the speakers on stage when they share their stories.”

Finally, Maria’s call to action for the Summit’s participants is to keep an open eye for collaborations beyond the usual ones.

“Embrace that openness and innovative thinking in unexpected meetings and take the opportunity to talk to people you haven’t spoken to before,” she concludes.

Maria Olofsson at Ignite Sweden Summit 2019

Ignite Sweden Summit will take place at Münchenbryggeriet in Stockholm on November 27. Check out the full program here. Tickets are now sold out.

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