Meet Linn, our New Project Manager Matchmaking

We continue to introduce the new colleagues that have recently joined the Ignite & SISP team. Linn Sidahl is a true startup collaboration enthusiast that will be responsible for taking our matchmakings to new heights.

“My focus will be mostly on our international matchmaking and initiatives, but also the national events. I will also try to share my experience from startup-enterprise collaboration, both with startups and corporations,” explains Linn.

Linn is not completely new to Ignite as she has been involved in different activities from a startup perspective over the last three years.

“I’m so excited to learn about the work that is going on behind the scenes and to be part of creating all these business opportunities. It feels amazing to be part of such a driven team,” she affirms.

Nearly 30 Startup Matchmaking Participations

Before joining Ignite & SISP, Linn was Head of Business Development at Ekkono Solutions, one of the first Swedish startups to join our program.

“I was responsible for expanding Ekkono into new geographical regions and new industrial verticals. I also had the main responsibility for all the Ignite matchmaking events that Ekkono took part. If I recall correctly, I participated in almost 30 matchmakings during my time at Ekkono,” says Linn.

It was in the first matchmaking event held by Ignite in April 2017 where Ekkono met its very first corporate customer, Alfa Laval.

“Ekkono and Alfa Laval are still working closely together and have done several pilots until this date,” shares Linn.

Linn Sidahl

Business Opportunities Crucial for Startup Success

According to Linn, Ignite is an opportunity maker that delivers value for startups, enterprises and the Swedish Innovation ecosystem.

“Startup-enterprise collaboration is a win-win not only for the startups but also for the established companies. Whilst the startups get the chance to verify and test their products and services with a market leader, the corporates get access to the latest technology,” she explains.

Startups often lack the contacts, context and visibility that it takes to get a foot in the door at big companies. Linn thinks that these innovative companies should join our program as it offers them a unique opportunity to get first-hand access to key people at big corporations both nationally and internationally.

“This is their chance to expand their customer base into new verticals or geographical regions, and of course to add big market-leading companies to their customer list (also known as the “brag list” if you are a startup!). Ignite manages to get the right people involved from the corporates and public organizations. I honestly don’t think there is any other startup initiative that serves them with as many business opportunities as Ignite,” she concludes.

Welcome to the team, Linn!

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