Re-live Ignite’s Founders Session at SID 2022

Sweden Innovation Days showcased a huge variety of interviews, panel discussions, and case studies from many perspectives.
During the event, Ignite Sweden arranged three fantastic Founders Sessions to share the inspiring stories behind Swedish impact startups working towards solving our society’s biggest challenges. These fireside chats were moderated by our Head of Startup Relations, Cathrin Johansson.

Founders Session with Surfcleaner

SurfCleaner makes a positive impact on our environment by developing a patented technology that can efficiently clean up oil spills and litter from the ocean.

Their founder, Christina Lundbäck, shares her inspiring story of taking her father’s invention from the 1990’s and turning it into innovative technology aimed at cleaning our oceans nearly three decades later.

Founders Session with Thermaiscan

Thermaiscan aims to help early detection of this disease with the use of AI, thermal technology and smartphones. Their solution allows women all over the world to detect cancer earlier without the need for a specialist.

Their co-founder, Katarina Dalunde Eriksson, shares her personal and entrepreneurial journey. After suffering from cancer herself, she wanted to do something with a great impact that can help people to survive cancer. Her startup’s solution that can detect breast cancer in a very early stage will soon be tested in India and Singapore.

Founders Session with Thermaiscan

WA3RM develops regenerative and circular businesses based on industrial waste streams, making a direct impact on the environment.

Listen to their founder Thomas Parker when he shares his entrepreneurial journey. Learn how his startup is working with low grade waste heat to help industrial partners ensure a more sustainable future.

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