18 New Startups Added to the Swedish AI Startup Landscape

The latest update of the Swedish AI Startup Landscape, led by AI Sweden and Ignite Sweden, now showcases a total of 197 cutting-edge AI companies from across the country.

Arboreal, Batonics AB , Cocoon Airbag Protection AB, Dermicus, Devward, Enaiblers, Ensolution AB, Fieldstream , Forkcast, HealPlay, Kluero, Lumi Labs, Mabel AI, Nordic Forestry Automation, Paindrainer, SALUTO, Seber Medical, and Talking to me are the new companies featured in the Swedish AI Startup Landscape.

These startups offer innovative solutions for diverse sectors such as construction, education, forestry, gastronomy, healthcare, HR, investment, and marketing.

A committee consisting of representatives from investors, large companies, academia, startups, and incubators meticulously evaluated the new startups based on various selection criteria, including their use of AI, scalability, access to and utilization of data, and the AI skills of their personnel.

Among the new startups is Dermicus, a digital health company that assists clients in transforming the diagnosis and treatment of skin conditions.

“We are very happy to have the opportunity to be part of the Swedish AI Startup Landscape. With the Dermicus platform we have experience leading teledermatology implementations at scale in Sweden and the UK. We look forward to connecting with new partners and customers to accelerate our vision of helping our clients transform the way they diagnose and manage skin conditions,” says Dermicus’ CEO, Peter Kinhan.

Peter Kinhan (Dermicus)

New Platform for the European AI Startup Landscape

The Swedish AI Startup Landscape is part of the broader European AI Startup Landscape, which aims to enhance the visibility of AI startups across the continent. The European initiative currently includes over 900 companies from Sweden, France, Germany and the Netherlands. The initiative is a collaborative effort between appliedAI, Hub France IA, The Netherlands AI Coalition (NL AIC), Ignite Sweden and AI Sweden.

The European initiative has recently revamped its website to provide a focused platform for showcasing promising startups in the field. The newly designed platform serves as a meeting point for corporates, startups and investors. It provides essential information about each of the featured 900+ companies, including brief descriptions of their solutions and links to their respective websites. Additionally, users can search for startups based on sector, category, country and keywords.

Check out the new website of the European AI Startup Landscape here.

These are the 18 startups added to the Swedish AI Startup Landscape

Arboreal: AR applications for the forestry sector that allows users to collect data and measure their forest with their smartphones.
Batonics: Universal AI investment analyst for automated scouting
Cocoon Airbag Protection: Patented airbag protection system for bicycle child seats, providing comprehensive body protection and improved shock absorption
Dermicus: Digital diagnostic support platform that enables faster and more secure diagnosis of skin lesions and wounds
Devward: Building intelligence that analyzes indoor human behavior to enhance energy optimization, user experience, and business insights
Enaiblers: Empowers global health by offering AI-based diagnostics, supporting healthcare providers in remote and underserved communities
Ensolution: Develops the platform Kuben, an AI-model for healthcare, serving municipalities and organizations throughout Sweden
Fieldstream: Leverages deep neural networks to enable advertisers to optimize marketing spend with high precision
Forkcast: AI-driven sales forecasts, empowering restaurants to make data-driven decisions, enhance profits, staff satisfaction, and reduce climate impact
HealPlay: Seamless and holistic solution for preventive and rehabilitative physical therapy
Kluero: AI-based solution that optimizes and predicts team dynamics
Lumi Labs: Creator of LingoLooper, the pioneering fully immersive AI-assisted language learning app in VR
Mabel AI: AI-based secure and private translation solution for healthcare
Nordic Forestry Automation: Realizing precision forestry through digital tools and automation
Paindrainer: AI-powered digital tool that enhances the quality of life for patients with chronic pain by utilizing their individual data
SALUTO: A mobile health platform that utilizes data analysis of health and lifestyle patterns to facilitate customized behavioral changes for improved health
Seber Medical: a CE-marked mobile application that utilizes AI-based monitoring to automate the assessment of healing for challenging wounds
Talking to me: enhancing customer experiences and productivity by designing and developing AI-assistants that combine conversational, generative, and voice AI technologies.

The evaluation committee

Adam Edström (RISE)
Agneta Jacobson (AI Sweden)
Amy Loutfi (Örebro University)
Daniel Gillblad (AI Sweden)
Erik Borälv (Vinnova)
Ingrid Af Sandeberg (Stockholm AI)
Jakob Engdahl (Statistics Sweden)
Johanna Björklund (Umeå University)
Martin Rugfelt (Sentian)
Patrik Kägu (Almi)
Raoul Stubbe (Sting)
Rebecka Löthman Rydå (Inventure VC)
Stina Lantz (SISP/Ignite Sweden)
Vik Li (Ericsson Ventures)
Vishnu Rajanikanth (Volvo Group)

Click here to access the latest version of the Sweden AI Startup Landscape.

Startups interested in applying to be featured in the next update of the landscape can read more on how to submit their application here.

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