20 Startups Selected for the Sweden Green Mobility Program

The participating startups and SMEs will help the city of Borlänge reduce the climate impact of commuting.

The city of Borlänge aims for climate neutrality by 2030. One of their biggest climate challenges is the large proportion of emissions from commuting to and from work. Each year, 46 thousand tons of carbon dioxide are released from passenger vehicles in the municipality, accounting for 64 percent of emissions from the transport sector.

To address this challenge, the new Sweden Green Mobility Program will bring together 20 startups and SMEs with diverse skill sets and backgrounds, along with established companies such as IKEA and SSAB, and public sector organizations to jointly find innovative solutions that will help reduce the climate impact of commuting. The program will run for the next eight weeks.

Towards System Demonstration

The goal of the innovation program is to create solutions that can be tested through a pilot project or pre-study, with the ultimate objective of demonstrating a system in the city of Borlänge in partnership with other stakeholders.

“There are several municipalities following the program to disseminate learnings and processes to other parts of the country,” says Frida Hedström, Project Leader for Omställningslyftet at SISP – Swedish Incubators and Science Parks.

Frida highlights that, despite the big climate challenges we face, it is encouraging to see the local stakeholders in Borlänge, startups and SMEs, and partnering municipalities collaborating to create innovative solutions to complex system issues.

“Their dedication to effecting change is inspiring and commendable,” she adds.

The Participating Startups and SMEs

The Jönköping-based company XENSE Vision is one of the 20 startups taking part in the Sweden Green Mobility Program.

Its founder and CEO, Björn Crona, considers the innovation program a valuable opportunity to understand how municipalities and established companies approach implementing innovative solutions to reduce the climate impact of transportation.

“We look forward to finding innovative solutions together with the other participating startups. It’s extra rewarding that the environmental aspect of our work is being recognized, as it may not be the most obvious, but the most long-term benefit of our technology,” says Björn.

Björn Crona (XENSE Vision)

Biketo, CommuteSaver AB, Coride Sweden AB, Cykelpoolen Sverige AB, GWEN (Insert Coin), IC Sverige AB, Iris Technologies AB, Linky AB, Modular Cycling, Neue, Nudgd, One4tech AB, Optiplan Innovation AB, Overstellar Solutions AB, Parlametric AB, Sustainable Advantage AB, SynData AB, The Social Few AB and Viscando AB are the rest of the startups and SME selected for the program.

“It is immensely gratifying to have finally launched the program. It is impressive to hear the pitches from the participating companies, and we are eager to see their collaboration in finding joint solutions for Borlänge’s climate challenge,” concludes Frida.

About the Sweden Green Mobility Program

The Sweden Green Mobility Program is part of Omställningslyftet, an initiative led by Tillväxtverket, RISE Research Institutes of Sweden, SISP – Swedish Incubators & Science Parks, Energikontoren Sverige, IUC Sverige, IVL Svenska Miljöinstitutet och SuPr, and co-funded by the European Regional Development Fund.
This innovation program is part of Omställningslyftet’s subproject “The City as a Navigator for Green and Digital Transformation” and is co-funded by SISP – Swedish Incubators & Science Parks, Ignite Sweden, WWF Sweden, IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute, Compare, Dalarna Science Park, Kista Science City and Viable Cities.

Learn more about the program here (note, in Swedish).

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