Medtech Matchday

Date: February 6, 2024
Location: GoCo Health Innovation City (Gothenburg) , Entreprenörsstråket 10, Mölndal

Final call for all innovative medtech startups interested in meeting healthcare organizations!

Join us at Medtech Matchday on February 6 in Gothenburg at an in-person event where private companies and the public healthcare sector come together to discuss the implementation of medical technology and its efficient scalability in international markets.


The event kicks off with a matchmaking session where innovative Swedish medtech startups will have the chance to connect with organizations including Alfa Laval, AstraZeneca, Bonnier Healthcare, Capio, Johnson & Johnson, Karolinska University Hospital – Circle of Life Science, Mölnlycke Health Care, and Wellspect.

The matchmaking aims to explore possibilities for collaboration and innovation together. Check below the full list of solutions and technology the participating organizations are looking for! It is important that you indicate which of the challenges you target when you apply to this matchmaking session.

Applications for the matchmaking session close on December 17. Click here to apply.

Please note that we cannot guarantee that you will get any matches at this event. This event is exclusive for startups established in Sweden.


The event will continue during the afternoon with a conference designed to facilitate knowledge sharing, disseminate insights, and enhance networking opportunities. The program includes keynote speakers and engaging roundtable discussions, focusing on topics such as the integration of medtech innovation and strategies for scaling up and internationalization.

Please note that you can join the conference even if you don’t participate in the matchmaking session.
Click here to register for the Medtech conference

Medtech Matchday is organized by Medtech4Health, AstraZeneca’s A.Catalyst Network, GoCo Health Innovation City, Ignite Sweden, SISP, Sting, and Swedish Medtech, in collaboration with EIT Health, GU Ventures, KI Innovations, LEAD, Medeon, Region Västra Götaland, Sahlgrenska Science Park, SmiLe Incubator, Umeå Biotech Incubator, and Uppsala Innovation Centre.

The participant organizations in the matchmaking session are looking for startups with these innovative solutions:

  • 3D-Printed Technology and Eco-friendly Single-Use Products for Pharmaceutical Development
  • AI Applications for Coding and Segmentation in Healthcare
  • AI Applications for Translation and Programming Optimization
  • AI Solutions for Augmentation and Staff Support in Healthcare
  • AI Solutions for Process Efficiency in Healthcare
  • Centrifuge Technology Innovations
  • Development and Optimization of Biotechnological Tools and Processes
  • Digital Solutions for Diagnostic Support and Decision/Process Assistance
  • Digital Solutions for Healthcare Professionals’ Training and Information Support
  • Digital Solutions for Treatment Facilitation, inc. DTX and Self-Care Solutions for Behavioral Change
  • Digital Therapeutics and Remote Monitoring Solutions Supporting Care Processes and Patient Pathways
  • Digital Tools and Solutions for Hospital-at-Home and Advanced Homecare
  • Digital Tools for Pre-operative and Post-operative Care Pathways
  • Energy Harvesting Technologies for Medtech Applications (exc. batteries & RFID)
  • Home Wound Care Facilitation Technologies & Services for Patients and Relatives
  • Innovations in Infection Prevention and Antibacterial Materials for Advanced Bowel and Bladder Continence Care
  • Innovations Reducing the Carbon Footprint of Single-Use Plastic MedTech
  • Life-Enhancing Solutions, from Vision Restoration and Mobility Aid, to Surgical Technologies
  • New Technologies and Innovations for Bowel and Bladder Continence Problems
  • Pediatric Home Healthcare Solutions Collaboration at Karolinska: Unlocking Innovations with Startups
  • Pharmaceutical Measurement Technologies
  • Process Technologies for Fluid Processing, Filtering, and Separation
  • Predictive Patient Risk Technologies Utilizing Accessible Patient Data and Biomarkers
  • Single-Use Medical Biosensors for Measuring Temperature, pH, Moisture, etc.
  • Smart Medicine for Pharmaceutical Development
  • Solutions for Digital Mental Healthcare
  • Solutions for Digital Rehabilitation
  • Solutions for Pediatric Home Healthcare
  • Tissue Assessment Models and Technologies for Dermis and Hypodermis
  • AI for Research Optimization
  • AI in Biologics and Pathology
  • Business Process Optimization Tools
  • Data Science for Molecular Selection
  • Enhanced Research Tools and Techniques
  • Generative AI for Content Analysis, Synthetic Images, and Text Processing
  • Regulatory Compliance Automation
  • Solutions for Advanced Therapeutic Development
  • Technological Innovations in Medication Delivery

Important information for startups:
Your participation in the matchmaking is made possible by the funding we receive from Vinnova (referred to as “verifieringsmedel” in Swedish) to support the commercialization of your innovation. Upon receiving confirmation that your startup has been matched with a corporate or public organization, our team will reach out to you with detailed instructions on the next steps.
Click here to read more about this funding

How to join this event

Don’t forget to navigate to “Events” and apply to join this event once you have completed your company’s profile, otherwise we won’t get your application.

Please note that our matchmaking meetings are carefully curated based on a potential business opportunity. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that there will be any matches for your startup or how many meetings each startup will get.

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