23 new startups join the Swedish AI Startup Landscape

This latest version of the initiative is led by AI Sweden and Ignite Sweden and now features 166 AI startups.

The latest version of the Swedish AI Startup Landscape, an initiative led by AI Sweden and Ignite Sweden, has launched with the addition of 23 new AI startups. The platform now features a total of 166 quality AI startups. 

“Startups are key in creating innovation and growth, and play a crucial role in accelerating the use of AI. Sweden and Europe must have the ambition to be at the forefront of AI development. Promoting great AI startups as part of the Swedish AI Startup Landscape is a fantastic way to strengthen collaboration across the ecosystem,” says Katarina Fégeant, Startup Program Manager at AI Sweden.

The Swedish AI Startup Landscape is part of the European AI Startup Landscape, which today features 500+ AI startups from France, Germany and Sweden.

Katarina Fégeant (AI Sweden)

“We need to support AI startups all over Europe in growing their businesses. For that, it is necessary to build a strong ecosystem of AI companies across the continent. This initiative aims to give promising companies a visible platform to showcase their solutions and technologies, not only in Sweden but also to corporations, SMEs, investors and stakeholders throughout the continent,” says Stina Lantz, Program Manager at Ignite Sweden. and member of the evaluation committee.

“Being a part of the Swedish AI Startup landscape provides us with a broader platform to increase our reach internationally. We hope to expand our network and are looking forward to new exciting collaborations within the field of AI and Machine learning,” says Jonas Thyni, CEO of Tvinn, one of the 23 startups recently added to the database.

Jonas Thyni (Tvinn)

Curated by a committee of AI experts

A committee with representatives from investors, large companies, academia, startups, and incubators has been responsible for the evaluation of the new startups in the landscape. They have been using a range of selection criteria including, their use of AI, scalability, access to and use of data, and their personnel’s AI skills.

The team behind Furhat Robotics, one of the 23 new startups in the Swedish AI Startup Landscape.

“We have been part of the thriving tech startup scene in Sweden for a few years now, and are keen for organizations and key stakeholders outside Sweden to have access to all the exciting things being created here. Mapping the Swedish AI landscape is a great contribution to spreading that information,” says Susanna Dillenbeck, Commercial Partnerships Manager at Sting incubator alumni Furhat Robotics.

These new startups develop solutions for a wide range of sectors including education, energy, forestry, healthcare, HR, industry, legal, logistics and retail using AI technology. 

“The goal of SeaPattern is to provide AI-based decision support to companies in the blue economy. We are sure that the landscape will play a big role in helping us towards our goals with their guidance and network,” says Anders Brodin, CEO at the LEAD incubator company SeaPattern.

Anders Brodin (SeaPattern)

According to Deep Forest’s Levi Farrand, this is a great opportunity to present their autonomous drones and 3D AI to new customers, potential investors and collaborative partners within the deeptech field.

“We expect to connect and collaborate with a strong consortium of AI-focused customers, investors, and startups working together towards the maturation and commercialization of AI technology in Sweden and globally,” says the CEO of the Uppsala Innovation Center startup.

Levi Farrand (Deep Forest)

These are the 23 startups added to the Swedish AI Startup Landscape

Acorai: Non-invasive remote heart failure monitoring.
Astrid Education: Voice-based English learning powered by AI.
BiTi Innovations: The next generation of intelligent planning systems. 
Budbee: Cutting-edge logistics service for e-commerce.
Creative Optimization: Optimization solutions for tactical and operational planning.
Deep Forestry: Uses 3D AI to analyze precision 3D maps of areas such as forests and mines generated by lightweight autonomous drones.
Dunderon: The next generation of heating, hot water and ventilation control systems.
Earthbanc: Sustainable finance, AI and carbon & ESG reporting.
ePosture: A web-application developer for creating a safer working environment.
Furhat Robotics: The world’s most advanced social robot.
Gordian: Makes transport planning easy and effective by untangling movement traces.
Layke: An API solution for intelligent screening and matching.
Maigon: Artificial Intelligence for contract review.
Nrlyze: Optimization of buildings’ energy systems. 
Omnimodular: Automated accounting of corporate invoices.
Prognostix: Artificially intelligent clinical decision support.
Rumblestrip: Connects and empowers shippers, freight forwarders and carriers with smart transport insights.
Scling: Customised data flows as a service.
SeaPattern: Data and AI for sustainable aquaculture.
Skrym: Eliminates unnecessary air in e-commerce packaging.
SustainLab: Gathers, processes and visualizes companies’ sustainability data
Tvinn: Innovative smart energy and smart charging solutions for empowering the transition to a fossil-free society.
Utilifeed: Intelligent web-based services for district heating utility providers and building owners.

The evaluation committee

Adam Edström (RISE)
Agneta Jacobson (AI Sweden)
Amy Loutfi (Örebro University)
Daniel Gillblad (AI Sweden)
Daniel Rencrantz (Vinnova)
Helene Niklasson (Volvo Group)
Ingrid Af Sandeberg (Validio)
Johanna Björklund (Umeå University)
Martin Rugfelt (Sentian)
Patrick Eckemo (DIGG)
Patrik Kägu (Almi)
Raoul Stubbe (STING)
Rebecka Löthman Rydå (Industrifonden)
Stina Lantz (Ignite Sweden)
Vik Li (Ericsson Ventures)

Click here to access the latest version of the Sweden AI Startup Landscape.

Startups interested in applying to be featured in the next update of the landscape can read how to submit their application here.

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