31 New Startups Join the Swedish AI Startup Landscape

The latest version of the initiative led by AI Sweden and Ignite Sweden now features nearly 200 AI startups from across the country.

“For the Swedish AI Startup Landscape entering the fourth year of this initiative and seeing 31 new startups signifies a vibrant and rapidly evolving landscape,” says Elijah Aldana, Startup Community Manager and responsible for the project at Ignite Sweden.

AI Bob, AI Medical Technology, ANYO Labs, cAIre tech AB, Cellda AB, CodeEasy AB, DeepTensor AB, Ebbot AB, Eivora AB, Emulate Energy, Fill Technology AB, Improvin, Inceptron, Innowearable AB, Lotus Field Analytics AB, MainlyAI, Mamones AB, ManoMotion AB, Nibela AB, NorthStat AB, OneTwo Analytics AB, OrganAi.se, P3S – Patient Safety Surveillance Solutions, ProptechCore, Semanttic, Skald AI AB, Skoolie AB, T&S Engineering Intelligence AB, Tandem Health, Tasksmith AI AB, and Vectorview are the new companies featured in the Swedish AI Startup Landscape.

“These companies, with their diverse and innovative applications of AI technology, showcase Sweden’s commitment to becoming a leading nation in AI development,” says Elijah.

AI Innovations for a Wide-Range of Sectors

The new startups in the Swedish AI Startup Landscape offer innovative solutions for diverse sectors such as agriculture, construction, education, energy, facility management, finances, healthcare, human resources, legal, manufacturing, pharmaceutics, and sports.

“Their contributions span across various sectors, demonstrating the versatility and potential of AI to transform industries. This development not only strengthens Sweden’s position in the European AI scene but also highlights the collaborative spirit within the region to push the boundaries of what AI can achieve,” adds Elijah.

A committee consisting of representatives from investors, large companies, academia, startups, and incubators meticulously evaluated the new startups based on various selection criteria, including their use of AI, scalability, access to and utilization of data, and the AI skills of their personnel.

Elijah Aldana (Ignite Sweden)

The Swedish AI Startup Landscape is part of the broader European AI Startup Landscape, which aims to enhance the visibility of AI startups across the continent. The European initiative currently includes more than 1000 companies from Sweden, France, Germany and the Netherlands. The initiative is a collaborative effort between appliedAI, Hub France IA, The Netherlands AI Coalition (NL AIC), Ignite Sweden and AI Sweden.

Check out the Swedish startups within the Swedish and the European AI Startup Landscape here.

Startups interested in applying to be featured in the next update of the landscape can read more on how to submit their application here.

These are the 31 startups added to the Swedish AI Startup Landscape

AI Bob: AI Bob is designed to significantly speed up the planning phase in architectural projects, reducing lead times from weeks or months to just minutes.

AI Medical Technology: AI Medical Technology has developed the smartphone application Dermalyser, a clinically validated AI-powered medical software device for skin cancer diagnostic support.

ANYO Labs: Research-based AI/ML solutions for drug discovery.

cAIre tech: AI DSS to predict and reverse chronic illness.

Cellda: A patented software platform that automates and standardizes the analysis of tissue samples stained with immunohistochemical techniques using specific antibodies.

CodeEasy: A story-based facilitation platform for teachers.

DeepTensor: Secure and privacy-enhancing technology for AI/ML applications.

Ebbot: A platform for creating generative AI chatbots that resolve questions and tasks by integrating with clients’ data and systems.

Eivora: Ownership data on all unlisted Swedish companies.

Emulate Energy: Emulate’s core technology transforms residential demand flexibility into a battery-equivalent resource.

Fill Technology: The next generation platform for external workforce.

Improvin: Offers primary data collection, insights quantification, and output verification services across crops and countries to food brands, mills, and processors.

Inceptron: Their patent-pending technology employs FPGAs to craft processors that run only client-tailored algorithms, slashing cloud costs, boosting performance, and saving energy.

Innowearable: Innovative sensor for sports and sports medicine

Lotus Field Analytics: Uses cutting edge AI tools and analytics to see patterns, trends and insights out of the chaotic flow of financial news and data.

MainlyAI: A platform that allows collaboration on AI projects.

Mamones: Streamlines diagnose codes for medical personnel with AI.

ManoMotion: Develops hand and body tracking, as well as gesture recognition technology, allowing users to interact with and control virtual and real objects on any camera-enabled device without the need for controllers.

Nibela: Helps users to manage their electricity.

NorthStat: Smarter prehospital care with data-driven simulations.

OneTwo Analytics: Diabetes decision support for patients and clinicians by AI/ML analysis of glucose data.

OrganAi.se: Complete calendar synchronization in real-time with integrations to external calendars.

P3S – Patient Safety Surveillance Solutions: Improved care and patient safety through re use of electronic healthcare data & smart algorithms.

ProptechCore: Accelerates decarbonization of the built environment.

Semanttic: AI Copilot for UX Prototyping that teams use to generate new product and feature concepts, enabling faster go-to-market strategies.

Skald AI: An interface for any AI to understand other AIs and services.

Skoolie: A study counseling platform that can give recommendations for university degrees based on academic performance, ambitions, and skills.

T&S Engineering Intelligence: AI driven automated, individual check of technical drawings.

Tandem Health: Ambient medical scribe to automatically write medical notes.

Tasksmith AI: An AI-platform to deploy legally fine tuned language models.

Vectorview: Analytics and evaluations for LLM apps.

The evaluation committee

Adam Edström (RISE)
Agneta Jacobson (AI Sweden)
Amy Loutfi (Örebro University)
Daniel Gillblad (AI Sweden)
Erik Borälv (Vinnova)
Ingrid Af Sandeberg (Stockholm AI)
Jakob Engdahl (Statistics Sweden)
Martin Rugfelt (Sentian)
Patrik Kägu (Almi)
Raoul Stubbe (Sting)
Rebecka Löthman Rydå (Inventure VC)
Rickard Lönneborg (Codemill)
Stina Lantz (SISP/Ignite Sweden)
Vik Li (Ericsson Ventures)
Vishnu Rajanikanth (Volvo Group)

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