Ignite Members Matchday at Sverige Innovationsriksdag 2024

Date: May 16, 2024
Location: Luleå & Online

Are you developing solutions with the potential to help corporates and public organizations solve one of their many innovation challenges?

Ignite is hosting a matchmaking session as part of Sveriges Innovationsriksdag on May 16, where startups have the chance to be matched with corporates and public sector organizations, either in Luleå or online.

The corporate and public organization participants include A2A, Alfa Laval, Boliden, BP, CMPC Ventures, Deutsche Telekom, Domstolsverket, EnBW Energie Baden-Württemberg AG, Familjens Jurist, Holmen Skog AB, Kavli, Kraftringen, Liebherr, Loreal, LVMH, Mölnlycke, Skellefteå Kraft, Södra, and Toyota Material Handling Europe.

This matchmaking session is organized by Ignite Sweden as part of Sveriges Innovationsriksdag. You can find more information about the conference below.

Applications for corporates and public organizations close on March 15
Applications for startups close on March 26

The participant organizations are looking for innovative solutions within these areas:

Advanced Skincare & Anti-aging Technologies
Advanced Skin Diagnostic & Personalization Technologies
AI for Biological Discovery of Actives, Pathways and/or Characterization
Eco-Friendly Material Innovations
Eco-Friendly Materials for Coating & Light Properties
Innovations for the Microbiome of the Skin (e.g. Diagnostic Tools & Advanced Sequencing Technologies)
Novel Molecules Based on Green Chemicals & Bioprocesses for Consumer Goods

Client Offering and New Target Audiences Expansion Solutions
Enhanced Learning Features in Video Calls
Measurement & Monitoring of Initiatives Effectiveness
Quality Assurance & Evaluation for Advanced Language Models, Avatars & Learning in Video Call Customer Meetings
Tools for Improving Customer Satisfaction Enhanced Processes and Communication

Innovative Battery Technologies for Electric Trucks
Integrated EV charging infrastructure management and energy source integration
Local EV charging network expansion solutions

Advanced Energy Systems for Industrial Use
Automated Power Grid Solutions
Decentralized District Heating Network Optimization Solutions
District Heating Emission Reduction, Optimization, and Network Management Solutions
Drought and Extreme Event Solutions for the Hydroelectric and Thermoelectric Sectors
Innovations for Oil & Gas
Innovative and Low CAPEX Solutions for Agrivoltaic Applications
Off-shore Wind Power
Power Distribution Grid Demand Forecasting Tools
Predictive Maintenance Solutions for Power Grid Optimization
Volatility Reduction Solutions for High-Demand Customers

Eco-Friendly Packaging Strategies for Waste Reduction and Recycling Enhancement
Sustainable Agriculture Technologies and Methods
Urban sustainability and environmental impact reduction solutions

Climate Assessment Tools for the Food Value Chain
Food Loss Innovations in Food Production
Innovative Food Packaging Solutions to Reduce Environmental Impact from Plastic (Biodegradability, Recyclability & Reusability)
Plant-Based Food Innovations (Colonial & Cooled)
Reduction of Electricity and Water Consumption in Food Production

Business Models for Life Enrichment in the Forest Farm
Innovative Methods for Forest Management
Innovative Value-Added Products and Services for Sustainable Forest Farming
New Biomaterials derived from Lignin, Nanocellulose, and Other Components of Wood

AI for Home Appliances
Cooling Technologies & Digital Efficiency Solutions for Appliances
Innovative Food Consumption and Procurement Solutions (with a focus on health, sustainability, and waste)
Solutions for Energy Saving in the Production Cycle
Sustainability in Packaging, Materials, Recycling & Waste Management

CO2 Monitoring and Employee Engagement Solutions
Demand and Workload Adaptation Solutions for Workforce Optimization
Employee Engagement Solutions Connected to Sustainability and Wellbeing
Innovative Solutions for Warehouse Personnel Recruitment and Retention
Multi-Channel Contact Classification and Support Solutions for Operational Teams

3D Scanning Technologies for Body Modeling
Advanced Prototyping Technologies for Polymer and Ceramic Molds
Hand Motion Tracking & Analysis Technologies for Data Generation in Product Development
Infection Risk Reduction Innovations for Healthcare Environments
Sustainable Technologies for Environmental Impact Reduction in Plastic Consumables Production Site

Acid Mine Drainage Prevention and Mitigation Innovations for Tailings
Advanced Sensor Technologies for Data Generation
Inspection & Predictive Maintenance Solutions for Hoisting Mechanisms
Rescue & Emergency Response Innovations for Operations
Technologies for Catalyzing, Measuring & Controlling the Carbon Binding Process in Minerals

Advanced Laser and Tool-Free Cutting Technologies
Life Cycle Assessments & Carbon Metrics for Business Sustainability
Net-zero Solutions for Materials & Manufacturing Processes
Sustainable Solutions for Metal Scrap Handling and High-Purity Materials Management

AI-Driven Solutions for Enhanced Corporate and Customer Services
Connectivity and Network Solutions for Improving User Experience
Disruptive Technologies for Home Experience and Entertainment

Advanced Solutions for Store and Warehouse Tracking
Climate Impact Reduction Solutions for Warehouse Operations
Computer Vision Innovations for e.g. Security Goods and Localization
Optimized Energy Management for Logistics
Predictive and Optimization Solutions for Warehouse Operations

Repair Procedure Optimization for Water Systems
Remote Inspection and Safety Solutions for Hazardous Environments in Water Systems
Solutions for Evolving Water Supply Challenges
Water Infrastructure Assessment and Leak Detection Solutions

Biomass Ash Remediation Solutions
Integrated Building Redevelopment Innovations
Lithium Batteries Collection, Treatment, and Raw Material Recovery

About Sveriges Innovationsriksdag

Taking place in Boden and Luleå on May 13-15, SISP’s annual conference brings together key players in the Swedish innovation ecosystem, including representatives from incubators, science parks, the public and private sectors, and academia.
This year’s theme is ”Green Industrialization – The Future of Our Society”. The program will center on green industrialization, sustainable business, innovation, and entrepreneurship, with Northern Sweden leading a unique societal transformation. It will feature interesting keynote speakers, engaging panel discussions, breakout sessions on various topics, and networking opportunities.

Click here to check out the program and get your ticket. Use the code STARTUP24 for a special startup discount – first come, first served!

Please note, the conference is held in Swedish. The matchmaking session is a side event to the conference. Startup participation is funded by Vinnova (more info about our funding below). Participation in the conference does not guarantee a meeting in the matchmaking.

Important information for startups

It is important that you indicate which of the challenges you target when you apply to this matchmaking session. The list will be available a week before applications for startups close. Please note that we cannot guarantee that you will get any matches at this event. This event is exclusive for startups established in Sweden.
Your participation in the matchmaking is made possible by the funding we receive from Vinnova (referred to as “verifieringsmedel” in Swedish) to support the commercialization of your innovation. Upon receiving confirmation that your startup has been matched with a corporate or public organization, our team will reach out to you with detailed instructions on the next steps.
Click here to read more about this funding

How to join this event

Don’t forget to navigate to “Events” and apply to join this event once you have completed your company’s profile, otherwise we won’t get your application.

Please note that our matchmaking meetings are carefully curated based on a potential business opportunity. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that there will be any matches for your startup or how many meetings each startup will get.

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