From an unexpected match to commercial roll out

What can a data science startup do together with an infrared cameras corporation? Much more than what Gemit Solutions and Flir Systems thought when they first met. A year later they had launched to market a solution that they developed together. Watch their presentation at Ignite Sweden Day 2019.

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What can a data science startup do together with an international corporation that produces an infrared camera? That was what Gemit Solutions’ CEO, Jonas Bäckman, was thinking when we at Ignite Sweden matched his startup with Flir Systems in May 2018.

“If you think about it, every pixel in that IR image is a temperature data point. Data is what Gemit is good at. So it is a match in heaven. We thought about everything they could help us do with all that data”, remembers Sara Haack, Director of Digital Solutions at FLIR Systems.

And it was a magical match indeed, as six months later they had a proof of concept in place and in May 2019 – that’s exactly a year later after their first meeting- they launched a solution to market.

There are three factors that enabled Flir to take that big step from Proof of Concept to market introduction: Gemit enhances their product, they had a professional team that they trust, and the startup way of thinking around business and working matched their own.

“What Gemit is able to bring to us is a powerful capability to extend our product with the first steps towards decision support for our customers”, explains Lukas Segelmark, Product Manager at FLIR Systems.

Watch this Ignite Sweden collaboration story here.

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