Ignite Stories: Mimbly & Uppsalahem

After a successful first pilot, this collaboration will now scale up to save 750,000 liters of water and 21 kilos of microplastics annually.

Uppsalahem met Chalmers Ventures‘ company Mimbly two years ago at a matchmaking meeting facilitated by Ignite Public. The municipality-owned housing company was looking for startups with solutions for more efficient use of water in the properties.

In January 2022 they started a pilot project together, connecting Mimbly’s add-on product, the Mimbox, to two washing machines in a building in Uppsala’s district of Kapellgärdet. This product purifies wastewater and allows it to be reused in the washing process without sacrificing the quality of the wash.

The results of their first pilot project were impressive. In only eight months, the two washing machines saved 100,000 liters of water and caught 2.8 kilograms of microplastics that otherwise would have entered the sewers.

Uppsalahem will now scale up this collaboration with Mimbly. During the first stage, the Mimbox will be installed in ten washing machines. The project’s goal is to save 750,000 liters of water and 21 kilos of microplastic per year.

“Together with our tenants, we have the potential to annually save 75,000 liters of water per washing machine. If we installed this solution in 10% of our shared laundry rooms, the savings would be over 5 million liters of water per year,” explains Uppsalahem’s Business Developer, Per Viklund.

“The results from our joint pilot project show the difference that the Mimbox makes by offering tenants a more sustainable everyday life. Uppsalahem has been working with us from an early stage. Projects that aim at filtering microplastics and saving water can do more for the environment than we can imagine,” says Mimbly’s Account Manager, Lauok Bahaddin.

Click here to read Uppsalahem’s press release (in Swedish)

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