A day to celebrate startup collaboration

Golden confetti falls over the winners of the Ignite Awards in a previous edition of Ignite Sweden Day.

Ignite Sweden Day will be held on December 4 to inspire collaborations between startups and large companies and organizations.

Since the program started in 2017, Ignite Sweden has contributed to more than 50 commercial collaborations where startups have been able to contribute with solutions to the needs and challenges of large companies and the public sector. They have provided a wealth of experience and lots of successful stories that will be presented on stage on Ignite Sweden Day, when startups and large organizations have the opportunity to learn the best collaboration practices.

– We have worked actively with over 350 startups since our program started in 2017, and have been able to see fantastic collaborations with large companies and the public sector, even with companies outside the country, says Stina Lantz, responsible for Ignite Sweden, an initiative co-funded by Vinnova, Energimyndigheten and Tillväxtverket.

– The great thing about startups is that they can provide solutions that the big companies have not thought of before. This shows that there are many ways to move forward towards new innovations, continues.

The aim of Ignite Sweden is to help startups to get commercial business. It often begins with seizing an opportunity where a startup can quickly offer a solution to a challenge that larger organizations have.

The Sustainable Development Goals

– We are now expanding these areas. Right now, we are actively working on the sustainable global goals and how startups can help large companies and organizations find solutions towards their agenda 2030 goals, says Stina.

Ignite Sweden is supported by some of the leading incubators in Sweden such as Sting, Things, Lead, Minc, Uminova Innovation and the Swedish Incubators & Science Parks (SISP). This means that startups from all over the country have the opportunity to meet corporates and municipalities through the program.

Ignite Sweden Day

Ignite Sweden Day will be held on December 4 in Stockholm to celebrate the collaborations born in 2019 and to share inspiration and lessons around the best collaboration practices. The conference has three focus areas:

  • SPEED IT: How pilot projects with startups accelerate innovation within your organization.
  • SCALE IT: How to take the big step from a pilot to a full commercial roll-out.
  • SUSTAIN IT: How startup collaboration contributes to Agenda 2030.

Stina Lantz promises a day filled with interesting speakers and cases, but, most importantly, a great opportunity for startups, large companies and organizations to find each other and network.

Read more about Ignite Sweden Day and get your ticket to the event here: https://ignite-sweden-day-2019.confetti.events/

Article originally published in Swedish at our incubator partner Uminova Innovation’s website. Click here to read the original article: https://www.uminovainnovation.se/nyheter/ignite-sweden-day-inspirerar-startups-och-stora-foretag/

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