Speeding up the Energy Transition with Collaboration

The Ignite Power Circle Summit & SWITCH Matchday brought together 12 corporates and public sector organizations and 30 startups to find new innovative ways to make the energy sector more sustainable.

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The resulting 48 meetings aimed to connect energy products and services to new technology to help the industry move towards a more sustainable and fossil free future.

Sara Hamlin, Head of Corporate Relations at Ignite Sweden explains the importance of working collaboratively towards innovative solutions within energy. 

“The energy sector is currently going through a large transformation and we need to find new and innovative solutions in order to complete this change in a fast, sustainable and customer focused way. Together corporates and startups can speed up this change and create a stronger basis for the future.” 

A cross-sectoral and more holistic approach is needed to make this transition according to Takuya Gamboni, Manager of Strategic Initiatives at IHI Europe Ltd. “This approach creates more challenges for the industry but also opportunities to think outside the box with new technologies and business models.

Events like the Ignite Power Circle Summit & SWITCH matchday allow IHI to engage with startups in Sweden. Takuya adds that Sweden is an ideal place to meet startups as the country is renowned for its leadership in innovation and sustainability- all while historically having a strong industrial backbone. 

“As a company that has innovated over the centuries, we are keen to seek new partnership opportunities which complement our technologies but also to explore refreshing new business models and approaches. There is a limited amount of detail that one can talk about in 20 minutes, but we felt most meetings were productive.” 

“Our objective was firstly to clarify any questions we had regarding the start-ups offering and its potential application in our business units. Given we are active in a wide range of business areas, being able to understand this in the first contact is very important,” says Takuya.

Jasmine Andersson, Project Engineer at BluCarbon Solutions, a startup that helps companies cut the cost for carbon capture and storage, also found the meetings professional and appreciated the structure, saying it encouraged a second meeting so companies could find out more! 

“We believe that it is always beneficial for a company to go outside the regular network and share and discuss experiences, that’s how great ideas are made. And especially now due to the urgency to reduce our emissions and become climate neutral. We need all the brains we can get for this transformation.”

“The Ignite event helps us connect with companies which, just like us, have identified a problem and are now ready to act. We definitely recommend everyone to join Ignite and keep an eye out for their future events,” says Jasmine.

The participating corporates and public sector organizations were Alfa Laval, Alight, E.ON, Hitachi ABB Power Grids, IBM, IHI Corporation, Jönköping Energi, Kopparstaden, Lindab Ventilation, Uppsala Kommun, Vattenfall Sales Nederland and Växjöbostäder. 

This digital matchmaking event was arranged together with Energimyndigheten – the Swedish Energy Agency as part of Power Circle Summit and SWITCH arena.

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