7 startups selected to Energimyndigheten and Ignite Sweden new program

Agilon Analytics, FineCell Sweden, PlasticFri, Renbloc, Sally R, SenSiC and Spira Energy are the 7 startups selected for the first batch of Verifiera och Kommersialisera.

The startups during a training session with our sales coach Christian Malmsten.

The new program, that Ignite Sweden runs together with the Swedish Energy Agency (Energimyndigheten), aims to help startups with smart energy-related innovations find commercial collaborations with established companies. 

– We want to support the acceleration of energy-related startups and the scaleups in their road to the market. We need to create an impact now, due to the energy transition. Together with Ignite Sweden, we can give these companies the right push and this is a new way to do it, says Sasan Shaba, Portfolio Manager and Business Developer at the Swedish Energy Agency. 

During the program, the selected startups get sales coaching, legal support and will meet potential corporate customers.

– Finding the right customers is a challenge for most startups, and the ones with sustainable, environmental and smart energy business ideas are not an exception, unfortunately. At the same time, large companies are looking for new technologies that can help them reach their sustainability goals and increase their competitiveness and efficiency. This program allows these two worlds to meet and initiate collaborative projects, says Niklas Sikström, Business Developer at Ignite Sweden.

“Verifiera och kommersialisera” (in English, verify and commercialize) is funded by the Swedish Energy Agency.

These are the innovations that the selected startups are developing:

Agilon Analytics: A cloud service for process monitoring and improvement. By analysing data from operational IT systems, Agilon automatically visualizes process flows, identifies deviations and bottlenecks and provides quantified improvement suggestions.

FineCell: They offer cellulose micro/nanofibers (dry powder) as reinforcements for thermoplastics to help manufacturers make their products lighter and more sustainable, without sacrificing the performances.

PlasticFri: They develop the patent-pending innovation PlasticFri™, a proprietary process to make carrier bags from agricultural waste and specific non-edible plants. The bag looks, feels and works like a conventional plastic bag, but it is 100% compostable, biodegradable, totally non-toxic and free from any conventional plastic materials.

Renbloc: The startup wants to increase knowledge and transparency in the energy market by verifying and certifying companies’ actual renewable energy mix. This is done by linking production and consumption directly in a way that is not done today. This will strengthen corporate sustainability profiles in a transparent and verifiable way. 

Sally R: A smart cleaning of harmful gases in indoor climates. It is an algorithmic approach that uses technology that is used in ISS (international space station). The product will analyse when it is time to clean the air and only cleans the required amount of air to improve efficiency. Their goal is to make cleaning of air affordable and therefore a viable option to make sure we can re-use indoor air and thus save energy. 

SenSiC: They develop and manufacture a new type of cost-effective gas sensor for applications at high operating temperatures. The sensors are used, for example, to measure, monitor and enable control of combustion in the production of steel, the heat/power generation and the emissions from vehicles and ships. Its use improves efficiency while cleaning the environment at the same time.

Spira Energy AB: The startup develops large-scale energy storage that can enable the world to rely solely on renewable energy sources. They convert surplus electricity from renewable energy sources into compressed air that is stored in depositories on the bottom of the sea. The process can later be reversed when the energy is needed. This way, they can balance out fluctuations in renewable electricity generation against society’s consumption.

About Ignite Sweden

Ignite Sweden is a program aims to initiate collaborations between startups and established companies. Since its start in spring 2017, Ignite has organized matchmaking events all over Sweden connecting 360 startups with 100+ corporates, resulting in more than 2000 meetings and most importantly over 50 commercial collaborations.
Ignite Sweden is led by THINGS, STING, LEAD, MINC, and Uminova in collaboration with SISP. It is co-funded by Vinnova, the Swedish Energy Agency, and Tillväxtverket.

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